Railroad Safety

Last week during Operation Lifesaver, Operation Clear Track and Rail Safety Week, the Coroner’s Office sat at one of the busiest railroad crossings in Spartanburg County (Hayne St & West Cleveland St) & spoke to drivers as well as pedestrians about the importance of railroad safety. Last year, the Federal Railroad Association logged more than 2,200 highway-railgrade crossing collisions around the country. Spartanburg County has the second most railroad crossings of any county in South Carolina, behind only Greenville County, and fatal accidents have occurred in years past. Rail Safety Week is intended to educated people on a national campaign called #STOPTrackTragedies.

Railroad Safety Tips:

  • Never stand, walk, play, or take pictures on the tracks or in the railroad right-of-way - if you’re on or near the tracks you are trespassing on private property
  • Do not drive or walk around lowered grade crossing gates or begin to drive across tracks unless you can get all the way across
  • Do not attempt to outrun an approaching train

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