Outdoor Transportation

SPATS works to connect destinations with facilities that support active, out-of-door modes of transportation such as bicycling, walking, and kayaking. Added benefits to these kinds of facilities are the opportunities they provide for exercise and recreation, as well as the environmental benefits gained from using less energy and emitting less pollutants. Please help improve Spartanburg’s air, water, and our community’s health by using these facilities as often as possible!

Bicycle, Pedestrian, and Paddler

List of Facilities

Check out or print THIS LIST of these facilities in Spartanburg. Clicking on the arrows beside the column headings will sort trails according to that column heading. This list is maintained by SPATS staff, and although every effort is made to keep it current, it may not reflect the latest changes in facilities. Any suggestions for changes or additions is greatly appreciated. The document below “Outdoor Paths and Routes 2012” is a corresponding map for this list.

Coming soon : specific information about where to park for those trails that have parking available.

Facility Information

More information on the facilities in the Outdoor Transportation List, including some detailed maps, is provided in both the hyperlinks and the PDFs below.

Hub City Connector of the Palmetto Trail

Hub City Connector Links:

Croft Passage of the Palmetto Trail
Blue Wall Passage of the Palmetto Trail

River Birch Trail
Cottonwood Trail and Map
S.C.A.L.E. Trail
Duncan Park Trail
Pacolet River Heritage Trust Preserve
Glendale Shoals Preserve
Peter’s Creek Heritage Trust Preserve
Price House
Cleveland Park Trail
Hatcher Garden Trails and Map

Croft State Park:

More Photos