Transportation projects are identified through the process of creating a Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP). The LRTP includes plans for all modes of transportation infrastructure in the area. The LRTP contains existing conditions of transportation infrastructure and future plans for changes and improvements of infrastructure based on data and stakeholder input. The planning process typically takes about a year to complete and the plan is updated on a regular basis. Implementation of the plan is carried out by an extended group of partner agencies and organizations.

2008 Long-Range Transportation Plan

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An update to this plan was completed in 2016

Enhancement Master Plan

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Completed in February 2004, the award-winning SPATS Long Range Enhancement Master Plan provides a road map for the SPATS Enhancement Program in the near and intermediate future. Building upon citizen and community input, the plan details both alternative mobility and beautification opportunites, as well as implementation strategies, to be pursued by SPATS in the completion of the plan’s overall objectives.

Bike and Pedestrian Plan

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The Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan represents a continuation of the planning, programming, and development efforts of SPATS, Spartanburg County, and the City of Spartanburg over the past five years.

Transit Master Plan

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Completed in 2012, the comprehensive Transit Master Plan focused on routes, regional connections, ridership, funding sources, and intermodal connections.