Bike and Pedestrian Plan

In January 2009, SPATS, Spartanburg County, and the City of Spartanburg began developing a countywide comprehensive bicycle and pedestrian plan. The planning effort was funded by the Mary Black Foundation, SPATS, Spartanburg County, and the City of Spartanburg. This Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan represents a continuation of the bicycle and pedestrian planning, programming, and development efforts that have occurred over the past five years. SPATS, Spartanburg County, and the City of Spartanburg have addressed some bicycle and pedestrian issues in the 2004 Enhancement Master Plan and the Active Living Assessment (2005). The Mary Black Foundation, Partners for Active Living and others have advanced numerous programs like Bike Town, leading to a bronze-level Bicycle Friendly Community designation for the City of Spartanburg. In 2006-2007, both the City and County of Spartanburg passed Complete Streets resolutions (see documents below at end of list), but these policies have not been fully implemented. This Plan seeks to build upon what has already been accomplished and create action towards implementation, project, program, and policy development. The plan addresses the entire county, including incorporated areas and non-incorporated areas.

Nationally, such issues as rising gas prices, environmental concerns, and a growing interest in health and wellness are demonstrating the need for bicycle and pedestrian-friendly communities. On a local level, this Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan aims to take on such issues, translating them into affordable personal mobility, carbon-free transportation, and healthy, active lifestyles for Spartanburg County residents.

Read the full text of the Plan by downloading the links below.

Spartanburg Trails and Greenways Plan is an extension of the Bike and Pedestrian Plan and outlines a master plan for recommended projects in the Spartanburg area.

Click the following link for information on one of the newest bike & pedestrian initiatives in SPATS - Middle Tyger Pedestrian Master Plan