OVNHT Master Plan

The Overmountain Victory National Historic Trail (ONVHT) traverses 330 miles from Abingdon, VA, to Kings Mountain National Military Park. Six miles of this historic trail route pass through northeastern Spartanburg County from Polk County, NC line via Parris Bridge Rd and SC Scenic Highway 11 to the Cherokee County line. OVNHT roadway signs currently mark the commemorative motor route. SPATS with the City of Chesnee and Spartanburg Area CVB, through a grant from the National Park Service, have partnered to create a master plan for the development of the potential routing of the non-motorized trail through Spartanburg County.

Information from the 1st Public Open House:

Information from the Final Public Open House:

  • The final public participation for the OVNHT was held on July 26th at the Carolina Farm Festival. There was a wonderful mix of citizens, stakeholders, and steering committee members who were able to attend and give great feedback regarding the two proposed non-motorized routes.

Update: April 2017

Download the PDFs below for the Spartanburg County OVNHT Master Plan!

For more information please contact Sherry Dull.

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