All Programs and their associated funding are listed in the Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) which is revised by the Policy Committee on an annual basis. Programs typically have dedicated funding streams. For instance, the Transportation Enhancement Program is allotted a certain amount of federal money each year. Projects funded by this program must meet certain criteria. Criteria for funding vary from program to program.

Transportation Improvement Program

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The SPATS Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) contains all approved federally funded transportation projects within the Spartanburg County urban area.

Transportation Alternatives Program

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Eligible TAP projects include bike facilities, pedestrian facilities, trails, safe routes to school projects, and streetscapes in downtown or historic districts.

Bike and Pedestrian Program

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SPATS works with various organizations to connect destinations with infrastructure for cyclists and pedestrians.

Transit Program

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Spartanburg has three transit programs: SPARTA which serves primarily the City of Spartanburg, the Spartanburg County Transportation Service Bureau’s (TSB) dial-a-ride transportation services throughout Spartanburg County, and Medicaid transportation provided to Spartanburg County residents who are certified for Medicaid coverage.

Traffic Calming

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Spartanburg County’s traffic calming policy that allows residents to request traffic calming devices on their street if a neighborhood is experiencing unsafe vehicular traffic. Also includes new guide to help residents with traffic calming.