Mary Black Foundation Rail Trail

The Mary Black Foundation Rail Trail was a collaboration between the Mary Black Foundation, Palmetto Conservation Foundation, City of Spartanburg, Partners for Active Living, SPATS, and local citizens. It extends from downtown Spartanburg at Henry Street, between Union and Pine Streets, and continues 2 miles to Country Club Road. Since its inception there has been buzz about redeveloping the Rail Trail corridor. The commuter and recreational trail brings together all walks of life, and connects neighborhoods, businesses, restaurants, a school, a bike shop, the YMCA, a grocery store, and a skate park. As the Hub City Connector segment of the Palmetto Trail through Spartanburg County, the Rail Trail is an outdoor transportation spine for Spartanburg from which other projects are expected to spin off. One great example is the first phase of B-cycle bicycle-sharing program located at the Henry Street trailhead.

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